Services Offered by Sample & Co Tax Debt Resolutions

Moving Toward Financial Freedom

The Process


Step 1. Consultation

Initially, we meet to assess your unique situation as no two tax cases are identical.

Step 2. collection triage

Next, we pursue a Stay of Enforcement to halt the seizure of your assets. We can then discuss strategies to help you save money while we update your filing status.

step 3. investigation & Negotiation 

Finally, we review your information to ensure you save as much as possible while your case is being addressed. During the proceedings, I negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to reach the best financial solution and protect your assets.


Payment Plans and Hardship Determinations

If you are currently on or anticipate an IRS Installment Agreement or a Hardship Determination, please be advised these options are driven by your unique financial situation.  Understanding how to best present your situation to the tax agency is the key to obtaining the resolution you need. As a part of this process, it is most important to have an experienced representative who understands these processes and knows when to exercise appropriate appeals when there are disagreements with the tax agency.

Trust Fund Taxes

A Trust Fund Tax is money withheld from an employee's wages (Income Tax, Social Security, and Medicare Taxes) by an employer and held in trust until paid to the Treasury. Congress has established large penalties for delays in turning over your employment taxes to the Treasury Department. Did you know as an individual, you may be held personally responsible for a businesses’ failure to pay trust taxes?  If the IRS proposes to assess you for unpaid trust taxes, then you need an expert to help you navigate and appeal such proposals.  Deadlines are crucial in this process, especially regarding your ability to appeal.  Remember, if your business has unpaid trust taxes or you have received a letter from the IRS proposing to assess your trust taxes, then call Sample and Co. Tax Debt Resolutions now to secure professional help before you run out of time.


Did you know that many collection related actions taken by or proposed by the IRS can be appealed?  While appeal time frames can vary based on law and procedures, all must be considered by the IRS appeals function which is charged with considering the interests of the Government and the taxpayer. Understanding when and how to appeal IRS actions you disagree with requires knowledge not typically known by the general public. You need an expert on your side. Sample and Co. Tax Debt Resolutions is here to help.

Offers in Compromise

Not sure if you can pay what you owe?  Then, an Offer in Compromise allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount. This may be a legitimate option if you are not able to pay your full tax liability, or if by doing so creates a financial hardship. At Sample and Co. Tax Debt Resolutions, we will review and consider your unique set of facts and circumstances to help determine if an offer is right for you.